Hole.io v2.3 + Mod – An exciting arcade game “Battle of Holes” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (skins unlocked) sold separately
Offline + Multiplayer mode available via Bluetooth

Hole.io – Battle of the Holes is a highly controversial and popular game from the creative and famous studio VOODOO, which, like almost all of its other arcade and skill games, has been released. VOODOO has previously produced numerous popular games such as the Paper.io series, Paper.io 2, and other games such as Helix Jump, Flying Arrow, and aquapark.io. Overall, it can be said that this developer is one of the main rivals in the arcade and skill genre in mobile gaming and has become one of the most prestigious in this field by producing and releasing more than 30 different titles. In this article, we intend to introduce one of the studio’s other games, which happens to be one of the most popular games made by this developer, to you, our dear friends and followers. The game in question is known as Hole.io and is one of the studio’s old games. It should be noted that Hole.io has played a very significant role in increasing the popularity and fame of VOODOO and is considered one of the main symbols of this game development studio. In addition, Hole.io can be considered the foundation of a particular style of arcade and competitive games. This game was later imitated by several other developers, and various games similar to it were produced! This game has a very simple idea, but it is so attractive, lovable, and at the same time entertaining and competitive that it has received very good feedback from audiences.




In the game Hole.io, you play the role of a large hole in a city. Other players also play as similar holes. At the start of the game, you compete with other holes to score points. You move towards different objects, such as buildings, and swallow them to grow bigger. The bigger you become, the more significant objects you can pull into your hole and grow even more. Meanwhile, your competitors are doing the same thing, and you will see a fierce competition between all players in a short time. However, what makes the challenge of the game more than ever is that not only can players swallow objects and other items, but they can also swallow smaller holes than themselves! In this case, the swallowed player will lose! Therefore, you should focus on swallowing nearby objects as quickly as possible and then move on to smaller holes and swallow them to earn good points and grow bigger. At the same time, you should avoid larger holes to avoid getting trapped. This game can be played offline in normal mode, with competition between you and artificial intelligence. But the interesting feature that has made Hole.io one of the most exciting games in this genre is the ability to play multiplayer via Bluetooth. It is worth mentioning that this game has recorded more than 50 million downloads to date and has been able to earn a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 from more than 700,000 people. The exciting and lovable game Hole.io is now available for download on tested servers such as Usroid.

* Fixing game bugs and issues