Home Remedies (Pro) v1.5 – Download the traditional fever program and home remedies for Android,
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As you know, drugs available in pharmacies, in addition to having different properties that help to cure diseases as quickly as possible, have side effects that in some cases may be more than the properties of the drug used! The opposite of the new medical science can be considered traditional medicine and home remedies; Since ancient times, many people use these treatments to improve their diseases due to the lack of side effects. Home Remedies Pro as a complete guide to treat many diseases traditionally and without the need for chemical drugs in the form of an Android applicationPublished by ProThoughts in the Play Store. A set of different methods for making various medicines from plants and fruits is included in this application, and a complete description of making these medicines is also available. In addition to the method of making these home remedies, their benefits are also written and you will be able to safely make and use the natural medicine you want for common diseases. As you know, many problems such as hair loss, acne and نمی are not included in the list of diseases, but Home Remedies is so complete that it has published various treatments for this category of problems.

Some features and capabilities of Android Home Remedies:

  • How to make accurate home remedies with a variety of fruits and herbs
  • The lament of writing fluently to make medicines in the simplest possible way
  • No side effects for the body when using drugs
  • Accurate classification of drugs based on the type of disease
  • Treat more than 100 specific diseases such as acne, back pain and hair loss
  • Not having much cost to make medicines

The Home Remedies app was able to get a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 from Play Store users with its price of $ 0.99 . Do not miss this unique and practical software and by receiving it from the high-speed servers of Usroid site, restore health to your family without much cost.

Changes in version v1.5:

* Added new diseases
* Updated treatments