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With the spread of the corona virus and the closure of various businesses, many of us no longer go to sports clubs and try to stay home to stay healthy. Going to the gym in such situations is very dangerous and can easily increase the likelihood of the virus spreading. On the other hand, exercising is one of our main needs to increase the level of immunity and stopping it is not rational. Unfortunately, many of us do not have the financial means to buy sports equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, multicross devices, etc. But there is no need to worry because without such equipment, you can easily exercise and reach your ideal body. Home Workout PRO: Full Body Workouts at homeIs the title of an exercise program for men and women at home, which was developed by RoboBot Studio and published on Google Play. This wonderful program will help you dear ones to experience all the effective exercises at home as easily as possible. As we mentioned in the above description, using this startup does not require any special sports equipment and anyone can make the most of it. The set of exercises in this program are categorized according to the ability of users in several different levels, each of which has a specific intensity of training. With each exercise there is a video tutorial that you can watch to do the exercises properly and maximize its effectiveness. The exercises in this set affect all muscle groups in the body and help you increase your muscle mass in a short period of time. Exercise programs are included in three categories: daily, weekly and monthly, the use of each of which depends only on you and your circumstances. Don’t forget to follow the challenges and compete with thousands of people around the world.

Some features and capabilities of Home Workout PRO: Full Body Workouts at Android:

  • Access to over 100 different workouts to have healthy exercise at home
  • No need for any special bodybuilding equipment
  • Practical movements suitable for men and women
  • Classify exercises based on the intensity of the exercises
  • Save the results of your workouts and display full details of your progress
  • Apply proper pressure to all muscle groups
  • More than 30 dedicated sports music to increase your motivation
  • Accompany all training movements with your own video tutorials
  • No internet connection required to use the app
  • Set your goal of exercise to lose weight or increase muscle mass
  • Daily, weekly and monthly exercise programs

Application Home Workout PRO: Full Body Workouts at home with the benefit of the feature set and functionality of its own by the developer with the price of $ 2.49 at Google Play releases and rated 4.3 out of 5.0 by users, has received the now You can download the latest purchased version from Usroid website .


Home Workout PRO: Full Body Workouts at home