Honkai Impact 3rd v7.0.0 – The Action Game Honkai Impact for Android
A popular and exciting action role-playing game
Tested with online gameplay

Honkai Impact 3rd – Honkai Strike is the name of a Japanese game inspired by Japanese manga and anime. The game was developed by miHoYo Limited and is available for free on Android operating systems. Like many popular and exciting Japanese anime, this game deals with supernatural themes. In this game, you play as heroes who possess special and extraordinary powers. Although these heroes may have cute and adorable appearances, their powers should not be underestimated! The game’s story may be cliché, but various elements have made it more interesting. According to the game’s plot, a great evil has arisen to destroy humanity, and a dangerous army has come to Earth to annihilate humanity. In Honkai Impact 3rd, you can choose from over 30 different characters and teams, each with their unique abilities and skills. There are dozens of diverse weapons in the game that, when upgraded, can help you destroy your enemies faster. The game’s fantasy graphics and 3D designs are one of its interesting features. The visual effects of the strikes, which are among the most important features of Japanese games, are also well-implemented in this game. The gameplay is in the third-person perspective, and the overall style is Hack & Slash with heavy and fast strikes! Therefore, you can deliver multiple blows to your enemies and receive a Combo score.


Honkai Impact 3rd


On the other hand, your enemies are also equipped with powerful supernatural abilities and will pose tough challenges for you. Throughout the game, you will face enemies that will make the game conditions harder and harder for you. Your enemies range from zombies and various monsters to huge giants and dozens of deadly dragons. Choose your desired character, grab your weapons, and get ready for a deadly and risky adventure! Demons are destroying humanity, and you are the one who must prevent their advance and send them back to the hell they came from! This game also has a multiplayer section where you can form multiplayer teams with your friends and play the game together. Honkai Impact 3rd has had over one million downloads on Google Play. This game has also been recognized as a suitable and satisfying game by users, with a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0. As always, you can download the tested versions of the regular and original game for free from Usroid.

Attention: In case of the new version of the game being hacked, the new version of the mod will be added to the download box. [Do not ask about the mod]