Hoop Stars v1.6.14 + Mod – Fun and challenging game “Ball in the Ring” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (features listed) individually
tested with offline performance

Hoop Stars – Hoop Stars is the  name of another attractive and lovable work from the creative and different studio SayGames in Belarus, which was produced in collaboration with HighCore Studio in arcade style and has been released completely free of charge for Android devices. This game, like other SayGames games, is made with a simple idea but amazing design! This idea is so appealing at first glance that the thought of how such an interesting idea did not come to the minds of other developers comes to your mind. The best games offered by this company can be titles such as Jelly Shift , House Paint , Perfect Slices or Sand BallsCited. Simplicity along with fancy and extremely beautiful designs are the main features of all these games. This time, in this article, we want to introduce a similar game at your service. Our game is called Hoop Stars. This game, like the games mentioned, is actually a simple idea generation that has been implemented in the best possible way. In this game you take control of a plastic-like ring. At each stage of the game, a ball is placed at a point on the screen. You have to lift the ring and direct it towards this ball to make the ball pass through this ring. Each pass records a point for you, and normally you must earn 5 points to pass the stage. This part is actually the educational and basic part of the game. The main part is your competition with another player (artificial intelligence) at the same time. You have to move your ring towards the ball faster than your opponent and earn points in a row. In this section, the criterion for winning points is specified.


Hope Stars


In the game Hoop StarsWhat you are dealing with is a completely dynamic gameplay. When the ring hits the wall or other rings or even the ball itself, you will see that the ring moves in the right direction exactly according to the physical principles. You have to use the same physical principles and rules well so that you can pass the ball through the hoop with accurate aiming. To do this, just try to throw this ring to the target with two buttons on the screen (jump button to the right and jump button to the left). Each time you hit these buttons, your ring is thrown slightly up and in the selected direction. But this ring is constantly rotating 360 degrees and your challenge is to throw it so that you can provide the right position for it. The tournament part of the game also has special charms. Your opponents, who, as mentioned, are AI themselves, compete with the flags of other countries. Each competition is held in a city from one of the countries of the world. Environmental conditions such as the color of balls and rings are different in these stages. Of course, you can also unlock more models and personalize this section by earning diamonds. Hoop Stars also has a points section where you must at a specified time so that you can pass the diamonds through the ring to earn special points. If you enjoy low-volume, fun and challenging games, we recommend that you do not miss this beautiful game.Usroid has prepared the game of Stars of the Ring as tested in two versions, normal and mod. Hoop Stars has been downloaded more than 5 million times to date.

Changes in version v1.6.14:

* Improve the overall performance of the game by fixing problems.