Hot Guns – Firearms an action game incredibly beautiful and evocative of superior design and craftsmanship of the Studio Quantized Bit for Android that price of 1.5 dollars in Google offered and as always we decided for the first time in Iran Introduce it to you and delight the fans of platformer games! Hot Guns game has been introduced by its developer in the opposite way: “When trouble comes, nothing is in place! Everything is messed up and people are disturbed by the intensity of fear! Also, the leaders of different groups are thinking of a solution to eliminate the current crisis! There is no doubt that in these cases you are their only option and without a doubt all eyes and hopes are on you! You only follow one strategy; The first arrow .. and again more arrows! This method has never disappointed you and has helped you in all stages of gangsterism. In Hot Guns, you play a soldier who takes a position, receives cash, has a variety of weapons, and that’s it! There will be no more creatures on the way, because you can use different characters to fight different enemies and try to destroy them in the best and fastest way. ” Yes, now in the Hot Guns game, appear on a two-dimensional screen in the role of special characters and kill the enemies one after the other and complete the missions!


Hot Guns


Game Hot Guns To date, about a hundred times by Android users around the world have purchased from Google Play and have good rating of 4.9 from 5.0 to do business. Today in Usroid, we have released the latest purchased and complete version of Hot Guns game for download, which you can first see the images and video of its gameplay, and finally, if you want, download it with one click from the high-speed servers of the site.

V1.0.5 version changes:

* Added two new levels and prizes + various optimizations and fix game bugs