The Hotbit app, which also has a site of the same name (, is designed and designed as a professional platform for digital currency trading. The program generally provides services for trading various types of digital currencies and encrypted assets such as Bitcoin, Light Coin, Atrium, etc. for users and traders of digital currencies around the world. This application uses a variety of advanced technologies and technologies such as GSLB, distributed server groups, distributed storage locations, dual trading engines with high and active speed, cold wallet, hot wallet with keys and Offline private passwords, based on several different terminals such as the end of the web, the end of mobile and mobile, and the end of PC and PC, provide secure, stable and reliable digital currency trading services for all its users. In order to provide services for China Blockchain transactions in a safer and more convenient way for its users and customers, the Hotbit program has aggregated and integrated China Blockchain assets with the best available qualities from all over the world. The result is a very good platform for trading digital currencies and blockchain assets globally.




Other features of the Hotbit app include the ability to trade digital currency between different types of tokens supported by the available flexible trading methods. Hotbit also lets you see the price of digital currencies instantly, accurately and online. With this program, you can do your analysis of digital currency trading professionally and professionally focused on the K-Chart. Another positive point of HotBit is that it has the ability to inquire about assets, and this program provides 24-hour support services for its users and customers 7 days a week, or in other words, full support at any hour of the day. By installing this application and using it, you need to allow access to your mobile storage memory and the possibility of deleting some of its information, history and ID, using the camera and taking photos and recording videos, accessing incoming and outgoing mobile calls. And provide contact information, photos and media and delete or change some of them, microphone and the ability to record audio and access information about Wi-Fi connections. Other changes that this application makes to your mobile phone include preventing it from falling asleep, pairing with Bluetooth to other devices, having full access to the network, the ability to change system settings and control vibration and vibration of the mobile phone. The Hotbit app on Google Play Store currently has a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 from its users. Usroid, as the latest Android reference in Iran, has released the latest original / official / original version of the HotBit program package for free download, which you can download with one click from the high-speed servers of your site.