Hovercraft: Takedown v1.6.2 + Mod- Games and attractive “Havrkrft Terminator” for Android + Trailer
regular version + version mode (money Infinity + Unlocker) individually
tested by running offline

Hovercraft: Takedown – The destroyer Hawkercraft is a very interesting action -packed game from the racing game genre that High Score Hero LLC has released for free for Android phones and tablets. In this article from Usroid website, we intend to introduce this game at your service, dear friends, and prepare the latest version in two normal and modified versions for download. Hovercraft: Takedown, modeled on many other titles, has been released in Combat Racing gameplay style. This style of play refers to titles in which you have to drive and compete with others at the same time, and try to eliminate competitors from the competition with tools and combat items! The best games offered in this genre include the Twisted Metal series of games, or the famous PS1 console war machine, and more modern games such as games.Blur Overdrive alsomentioned the RE-VOLT series. In Hovercraft: Takedown, you are supposed to take control of powerful and well-equipped hovercrafts and rule the roads. You need to select and manage the vehicle you want. You can equip it with all kinds of weapons and then go on the roads and sabotage as much as you can! These roads have been blocked and confiscated by dumb groups, and the only one who can stop them is someone like them! So become a gangster and go to war with these competitors with your car up to your armed teeth and shoot at their vehicles. From conventional weapons to professional missile and radar systems, there are some that you can take advantage of.


Hovercraft: Takedown


Hovercraft: TakedownIt has a comprehensive and professional system for upgrading and managing your hovercraft. You can customize your hovercraft in terms of appearance and features. You will be able to place 6 different weapons on your hovercraft at the same time and use all 6 weapons during the game. Many of these weapons are automatic and can help you target enemies without direct intervention. This will make you focus more on driving and repelling enemy attacks! This game also has other attractive features, one of the best features of which is probably the possibility of two-player play via WiFi. During the game, you can find dozens of valuable items and collections of different pieces and with their help, you can improve your hovercraft. The beautiful game Hovercraft: Takedown with pixel graphics welcomes players who are interested in the action and racing genres. There are a lot of fights, explosions and destructions during the game, which makes this game out of a dry and monotonous state. If you are looking for a challenging thrill and you are also interested in car racing games, the devastating hovercraft game will be a great choice. You can now test the regular version of this game or its modded versionDownload Usroid . This popular and lovable game has scored 4.4 out of 5.0 so far and has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Changes to version v1.6.2:

* Remove bugs + apply optimizations