Prime Pro v2.1 HP solve equations and plot graphs of complicated mathematical problems with the Android version of the app was purchased at a price of $ 19.99 on Google Play

Mathematics is one of the foundations of many other sciences such as physics, engineering, statistics, and so on. Mathematics is used to perform a variety of calculations and specialized tasks, and today there are few jobs that do not deal with mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is one of the most important and valuable skills that everyone should know. In most countries of the world, mathematics is constantly in the curriculum of students and its value in exams is usually the highest and highest value. To make it easier to solve math problems, many tools have been made, the most famous of which is the calculator. HP Prime ProTitle is an advanced and complete calculator application for Android operating system developed by HP Software Group. Developed and released for $ 19.99 on Google Play. This app is a comprehensive and integrated chart calculator that enables students to solve, learn and explore problems on their mobile phone. This application is designed with the same design and features of HP Prime Graphing Calculator that is approved by the American College Board. With this program, you can solve advanced diagrams, complex problems and و and see the result quickly.

Some features and capabilities of the HP Prime Pro Android app :

  • Advanced graphing capabilities for graphing implicit and explicit equations and inequalities, with the ability to trace or construct tables of points of interest.
  • Use 3D chart features to draw functions on the X, Y and Z axes
  • Convert base and unit to solve complex problems in chemistry, physics, quantum mechanics and other engineering disciplines
  • Zoom in on the chart by pinching
  • The complete programming language includes user-defined functions and a reassignment key
  • Ideal for high school and college math courses with dynamic geometry, statistics, finance, and spreadsheet applications.
  • Shift from decimal values ​​to specific values ​​(A / B) * π, (A / B) * √ (C / D), LN (A / B), and ^ (A / B)
  • Solving unit equations and system of equations (linear and nonlinear)
  • Calculate bonds, cash flows, dates and…. With financial features
  • Provide a multidimensional algebra system (CAS) calculator.
  • An authoritative application developed and supported by HP.

HP Prime Pro application with the satisfaction of Android users has been able to receive a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 from Google Play users . Now you can download the purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free. This program is introduced at your request and the latest paid version is in front of you.

Version v2.1 changes : 

* Correct a problem; Settings and data were cleared when the program was closed.


HP Prime Pro