Hue: A Pocket Adventure v1.7 – A completely different “colorful adventure” game for Android
The purchased and complete version of the game is offered to you for $4.99
Tested with offline execution

Hue: A Pocket Adventure – Colorful Adventure is an incredibly beautiful and well-made game in the adventure genre that offers a new and completely unique experience with its minimalist and abstract designs. This game has been developed and produced by the creative and tasteful BadLand Publishing studio in Spain and is available for $4.99 on Google Play. As always, Usroid has obtained and tested the latest full and final version of this game on Google Play and is offering it to you for free after necessary reviews. It is worth mentioning that Usroid is also the first Iranian website to publish Hue: A Pocket Adventure. Hue: A Pocket Adventure is a very attractive title with completely new and different ideas that have been well-designed and combined with almost flawless story and features to create not only a simple game, but also an influential work of art. Hue: A Pocket Adventure is a completely new adventure in a fantastical and abstract world where you play as the main character, a boy, on a colorful and, of course, mysterious and frightening adventure. According to the game’s story, the boy has lost his mother and embarks on this adventurous journey to find her. But he is unaware that he is stepping into an unknown world!


Hue: A pocket adventure


In the game Hue: A pocket adventure, you need to solve puzzles and overcome deadly obstacles and traps in levels of platformer games inspired by classic titles. But what makes this game a new and different artistic work is the interesting idea and innovation of the game developers. In Hue: A pocket adventure, you travel to a colorful world. You will have a color palette of several primary colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, and pink. Many obstacles and traps in the game block your path with something colorful that corresponds to one of these colors. You need to change the world’s primary color by selecting one of these eight colors before that obstacle or trap destroys the main character, so that the colorful trap in the new world recolored by you disappears. But don’t forget to choose the desired color based on the trap in front of you at any moment. In other parts of the game, you can also create paths by doing the same thing. It must be said that the idea behind these interesting designs in the game is a completely special and admirable idea. These interesting designs have made the colorful adventure game successful in winning several prestigious awards from various festivals. Help the main character of the game to reach his goal of finding his mother in this fantasy, colorful, and of course, dangerous world. The puzzle and attractive game Hue: A pocket adventure is now available for download as a purchased and complete game from the servers of Usroid. By watching the game trailer video, you can become familiar with the overall beauty of this game.