Huge Lock Screen Clock v1.4.16 – Android Lock Screen Clock App
The purchased and complete version of the app is available for the first time in Iran at the price of $1.49

Huge Lock Screen Clock is the title of the lock screen clock for Android smartphones developed by Riccardo Camattari and published on Google Play. One of the reasons that cause damage to Android smartphones is pressing the power button to turn on the screen to check the time. However, there are various ways to prevent such problems, and one of the best ways is to use clock apps. These apps place a clock on the screen, keeping the smartphone display always on, so you never have to press the lock screen button to check the time. Various startup apps have been introduced in this area so far, and in this post, we intend to provide you with one of the best options. Undoubtedly, the Huge Lock Screen Clock app is a suitable option for creating a large clock on the screen. As the title of the post suggests, the main task of this software is to create a clock and activate it on the lock screen. After installation, you have access to various settings that allow you to customize this large clock and help you change it according to your taste. In addition to this clock, various information is also displayed, including the date and weather conditions, which are among the best. Contrary to what you might think, activating this clock and keeping the screen on is very efficient and consumes the least possible battery. In addition, the font colors and sizes will depend solely on your taste.

Some features and capabilities of the Huge Lock Screen Clock Android app:

  • Create a very large clock on the screen and Kustom Lock Screen for smartphones
  • Add a PIN or pattern to the clock to unlock your phone
  • Adjust the size of the clock according to your taste and needs
  • Show weather information and date next to the clock
  • Set GMT and language manually or automatically
  • Option to change font size and colors
  • Ability to set clock format in both 12-hour and 24-hour modes

The Huge Lock Screen Clock app, with its various features and capabilities, has been published by its developer for $1.49 on Google Play and has received a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 from users. If you also intend to use this software, you can download it from the high-speed servers and direct links of the Usroid website.


Huge Lock Screen Clock