Hugo Troll Race 2: The Daring Rail Rush v2.0.7 + Mod – Fun arcade game “Hugo Troll Race 2” for Android
regular version + mod version (infinite money) individually
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Hugo Troll Race 2: The Daring Rail Rush – Hugo Troll Race 2: The Daring Rail Rush is the second game in the Hugo Troll Race series from the Danish studio 5th Planet Games Development ApS for Android devices. Usroid is the first Iranian website to publish this game on the web and has prepared the latest version along with a separate mod version for your download. Hugo Troll Race 2: The Daring Rail Rush game in arcade style and modeled on famous games such as Subway Surfersit was made. The main character of this game, Hugo, is a cartoon and animated character that was invented by a Danish network in the early 90’s and went on the air as a children’s program. Like hundreds of other cartoon characters, Hugo, in turn, became very popular and is now one of the most nostalgic and popular characters in Denmark. To date, various cartoons, animations and even comics centered on this character have been produced in various countries, which has made Hugo change from a local character to a global character. Now, the 5th Planet Games studio in Denmark has taken advantage of this character to create and publish a mobile game for the Android operating system and has named it Hugo Troll Race 2: The Daring Rail Rush.


Hugo Troll Race 2: The Daring Rail Rush


You in Hugo Troll Race 2: The Daring Rail RushIn the role of this character, you have to take part in an exciting and dangerous adventure. The story goes that the negative character of the Hugo franchise, Scylla, who is a vicious and wicked woman, kidnaps Hugo’s wife, Hugolina, while Hugo is asleep. You must help Hugo get in his famous little wagon and go through the big and scary tunnels and mines where Scylla lives and save his wife from this evil witch. The game process is in the style of Endless Runner and its main focus is to earn points and record better records. Like most similar games in the same genre, in this game you can turn left and right to avoid collisions with obstacles and collect points and special items, follow the game process in your favor. In terms of design, it should be said that Hugo Troll Race 2: The Daring Rail Rush game is made with cartoon but interesting and detailed graphics. The gameplay is simple and very easy to do, but this ease can only be seen in the early parts of the game! Just follow the game a bit to realize that this game can be challenging in turn. To download and install the latest version of Hugo Troll 2 game, go to the download boxSee Usroid . It is noteworthy that this game has managed to register more than 5 million downloads on Google Play.