Hyper Crimson – Hyper Crimson is a fun and special arcade game from Whistling Wizard game studio for Android devices . This game has been published on Google Play for $ 1.99, which is our site for the first time in USA and it’s completely free. Hyper Crimson is one of those first-class games that you will be completely addicted to the first time you experience it! The game isn’t going to have horrible graphics or a complicated gameplay, Hyper Crimson will captivate you with simple graphics that are only adorned with red. Its gameplay is so simple that even a child can enjoy playing with it (learning how to experience the game, otherwise the game is sometimes very difficult), Hyper Crimson gameplay only in Touch To summarize; You need to touch specific points on the screen to navigate your warship to the right and left. Also, the gameplay is very smooth unless you want to select the Hyper Mode option (game graphics improves), but the game itself has warned that choosing this option may cause the game to lag. But the biggest strength of this game, which is something like a masterpiece, is its exciting music, which, along with the rhythm of the game, secretly releases adrenaline in your brain. The music of the game is really higher than the game itself and it is so beautiful that you would like to stop playing at all and just listen to the music.


Hyper Crimson


Hyper Crimson game menu and its user interface is very simple, which adds to the fun of playing. Perhaps one of the game’s minor problems is the color used, which may be a little distracting and repulsive to the audience, but smart game developers will still warn you at the outset (red may be annoying for some. But if the game still used different colors, it would be perfect. Finally, it’s nice to hear the sound of spaceships exploding, and if you’re looking for a fun game similar to the old games of consoles like Atari, don’t miss Hyper Crimson; Because it can make the hot summer days sweeter and, of course, hotter for you! Another point is that the game is worth the money (unlike some games that are not worth it for free! ), Let alone be free, so download the game as soon as possible and go on to break the record for crashing enemy ships. Hyper Crimson is currently available on Google Play The score is 4.5 out of 5.0 . In Usroid, we provide you with the latest version of it for free and with a direct link, which you can download with one click.

Changes to version v1.0.12:

* Various improvements and fix game problems.