I Can’t Wake Up! v4.2.3 – Forced awakening app for Android, purchased version for
$ 2.99

Today, due to the problems and busy schedules of people in the community, they stay up until the last hours of the night, and this problem has caused them to not be able to wake up on time and perform their daily activities. There are several ways to wake up forcibly, one of which is the use of smart gadgets, which despite their special and unique capabilities, have a high price, but in this post, we intend to use an application at no cost. Introducing the wonderful for a definite awakening of sleep to you dear ones. I Can’t Wake Up is the title of a great application for awakening and 100% of sleep, which is created by Kog Creations for Android.Developed and published. The first feature that catches everyone’s eye after installing I Can’t Wake Up is its multiple alarm system, which can somehow guarantee forced awakening! When the snooze is activated, your device will no longer be muted and your favorite music will start playing so you stay awake and do not fall asleep again. In addition, there are several different options such as puzzles, math questions and در in the list of possibilities that you can take full advantage of each at your request.

Some features and capabilities of I Can’t Wake Up Android app:

  • Waking up without any tension or anxiety
  • Forced awakening with a set of different options
  • Extremely versatile multiple alarm system
  • Ability to select and play music in snooze mode
  • Continue the alarm until the alarm ends
  • Automatic shutdown when receiving a call
  • Ability to use math questions, puzzle types and… after alarms

The I Can’t Wake Up app , due to its great ability to wake up users of smart devices, has been able to get a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with thousands of active downloads. Get the most purchased version of it from Usroid site.


I Can't Wake Up