Ice Lakes v1724 + Mod – Extraordinary and different fishing game for Android ice lakes with data + trailer of
normal version + mod version (unlimited money) individually
tested with offline performance

Ice Lakes – Ice Lakes is a new and wonderful game with stunning graphics in the style of sports and fishing games from Iceflake Studios, Ltd for Android , which was released for free on Google Play hours ago, and as usual, we decided for the first time in ایرانAnd at the same time as publishing it, we will introduce your presence, dear ones, and make you happy once again! Install the interesting Ice Lakes game on your Android device and then select your favorite fishing gear and get ready to travel to different parts of the world! The environment of this game, as its name implies, is all icy, and you should look for lakes where there are fish in winter; That’s why you have to be patient, because otherwise you may not find the lake you want for a long time! There are various fishing tools in the game with the help of which you can go fishing! There are dozens of different breeds of fish in the game that you can catch! Being in a hurry in this game means defeat; Because there are few lakes that have good fish to catch! If you are a fan of fishing games Do not miss Ice Lakes in any way!

Some features of Ice Lakes Android sports game:

  • Includes 17 unique maps with a free world
  • 29 different species of fish to catch
  • Includes 16 fantastic tournaments
  • Includes 18 different competition modes
  • Ability to customize the game character
  • Climate change with day and night cycles
  • Seasons change (autumn, winter, spring)
  • Dozens of fishing equipment
  • Fantastic build with addictive gameplay

Game Ice Lakes ; Simultaneously with the release by the manufacturer, it has been released by Usroid, which has been tested by us on two different phones and has run without any problems! You can first view images and trailers of the gameplay and, if you wish, download it with mod and data from Usroid high-speed servers and experience one of the most beautiful and different fishing games.


Ice Lakes Android Games