Ideal Physics v1.9.2 – Android Physics Training App
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Introduced for the first time in Iran

Physics, which is called the science of studying the properties of nature, has many enthusiasts around the world who study and increase their knowledge for hours every day. So far, several books have been published in the field of physics, each of which discusses specific topics; But in this post, we want to introduce you to different dimensions of physics by introducing a unique program. Ideal Physics is a unique software for physics and engineering students, developed by Ideal Applications for the Android operating system.It’s been published. The toolkit included in this particular app helps you expand your understanding of physics. One of the notable points used in Ideal Physics is the very fast and easy navigation system that allows you to quickly and without any confusion to the set of information you need from astrophysics to quantum physics. Get it. Each of the available topics includes key equations, notes, pictures and a set of questions, the complete and perfect answers of which are also placed on the same page. Easily solve your basic physics problems to succeed in exams.

Some features and capabilities of the Ideal Physics Android application:

  • More than 30 specific and unique topics to solve basic physics problems
  • Access key equations, notes and a set of images in each topic
  • 65 different exercises from different topics with complete answers
  • Very simple and easy navigation to access different parts of the application

Application Ideal Physics as one of the top programs in physics has been able to 1.99 dollars score 4.9 out of 5.0 by users, Google receives now the latest version purchased by it from the Persian language Farsrvyd Receive.

Changes in version v1.9.2 0:

* Solve physics problems and get possible answers.