Idle Beach Tycoon v1.0.94 + Mod – Android Beach Capitalist Simulation Game
Original version + Mod version (unlimited diamonds) separately
Tested by running offline

Idle Beach Tycoon: Cash Manager Simulator – Beach Capitalist is a simulation game developed by MEDU game studio for Android devices. MEDU game studio has previously released many great games in the Android market and has a successful gaming record with millions of downloads. Idle Beach Tycoon: Cash Manager Simulator is another great game from this game studio that has provided a unique gaming experience for gamers by offering an exciting and entertaining gameplay. In this game, everything is about having fun on the beach, earning money, and becoming the world’s biggest capitalist. As the name suggests, the gameplay of this game uses elements of idle and resource management. However, Idle Beach Tycoon: Cash Manager Simulator is not like other games you have seen before with this style and context. You are in the role of the head of a beach business who has bought one of the best beach lands and intends to expand and develop it to achieve your dream. As a businessman, all responsibilities are on you. Your decisions and priorities will have a direct impact on your income. You may want to prioritize security or entertainment. By building different recreational facilities, you can help your customers have more fun. The more choices your customers have, the more money they spend on your beach. However, there are many risks, especially the risk of drowning, that threaten the lives of your customers on the beach, and you should not underestimate the importance of drowning rescue. The drowning of your customers also has a negative impact on your other customers, and usually, if one of your customers drowns on your beach, the others leave. Therefore, you must be careful not to lose your income potential.


Idle Beach Tycoon


At the beginning of the game Idle Beach Tycoon: Cash Manager Simulator, you are given a small beach to manage and you must clean and improve its various sections to prepare for building new recreational facilities. The more recreational facilities you build, the more income you generate. There are many different types of recreational facilities in the game, including restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, hotels, amusement parks, and more. As you build more facilities and attract more customers, your reputation grows and your income potential increases exponentially. Recreational facilities can also be upgraded and leveled up. The higher the level and quality of your facilities, the more customers will love your beach and come back for future vacations. Additionally, there is a research and development department available to you, which includes a submarine. This part of the game is very interesting and allows you to explore the depths of the sea and collect various items. Each time you dive deeper, you can find items such as money and crystals and obtain permanent upgrades. Overall, the game has a very beautiful appearance, and the artistic design of the game world, characters, and recreational facilities are beautifully crafted. The game’s sound effects are also well done and create a very attractive atmosphere. The gameplay is very relaxing, and there is no rush to complete tasks. Even when you exit the game, the tasks continue, and the game continues on its own. The main controls of the game are also very simple, and you can easily learn all the gameplay mechanics in a few minutes and become proficient in them. Idle Beach Tycoon: Cash Manager Simulator has received an average rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 from gamers on the Android market, and the Usroid team intends to provide the original and modded versions of the game without restrictions, tested and completely free for you. You can now download this game via the direct links provided at the end of the article and enjoy playing it!

Note: To receive unlimited diamonds in the Beach Club Tycoon game, use your diamonds and spend them.