Idle Courier Tycoon v + Mod – “Packer Simulator” Fun and Management Game for Android
Normal version + mod version (Unlimited money – spend to increase instead of decrease)
Tested by running online

Idle Courier Tycoon – Packer Simulator is another interesting and entertaining game from the category of Casual games and the style of Idle and Tycoon games, which is actually a simulator of the postal system and sending packages. This game is from Singaporean studio Century Games Pte. Ltd is produced and released for free and is available to Android players around the world. Usroid, as soon as the new version of this game is released and after the necessary checks, has prepared it and provided it to your friends so that you, dear ones, can download the latest version of it in two normal or normal ways from the site’s fast servers with just one click. Enjoy installing this game. The packer simulator game has been released on Google Play under the full name of Idle Courier Tycoon – 3D Business Manager, and as you can see from the title of this game, this game is a fully managerial title and a three-dimensional simulator of managing a business. It is special. This business is actually a large and professional company receiving and sending postal packages. In the role of managing this collection, you decide to turn your business company into the largest postal shipping company! To do this, you have to start from a small system and develop it more and more as the game progresses and you earn more.


Idle Courier Tycoon - 3D Business Manager


In Idle Courier Tycoon – 3D Business Manager, you are supposed to transform the shipping industry! Your job is to build an empire by using the latest systems for classifying and managing customer goods, and setting up a professional system for transporting these items, and forcing the whole country to use your services! But as successful people say, there are no restrictions on business, and in Idle Courier Tycoon – 3D Business Manager you can even do your services not only in one country but internationally. You can have a large airport and transfer foreign shipments by airline. There are many tasks and responsibilities in this game. You can set up product and product management lines to be categorized and packaged by professional automation and sent to relevant points through powerful logistics. Just like all other clicker and fun style games, in Idle Courier Tycoon – 3D Business Manager you can upgrade the items and sections in the game in several steps to not only improve their appearance and services. But also increase the speed and quality of things by them and as a result, you will have more income. This game is a very beautiful management title that can delight your account with its lovely and three-dimensional graphics. If you are a fan of clicker and Idle style games, you can be sure that Idle Courier Tycoon – 3D Business Manager can satisfy your desires for a game in this style. For more information, you can watch the video of the game trailer and then download the latest version from Usroid. The packer simulator game managed to cross the 1 million download mark on Google Play in a short period of time with a score of 4.4 out of 5.0.

Note: The game requires the internet to run.