Update on 4th of December: The mod version of the game has been updated to the latest version 🙂

Idle Leisure Farm – Cash Clicker v13.2 + Mod – Entertaining Android Farm Game
Regular version + Mod version (with free diamond purchase) available separately
Tested for offline play

Idle Leisure Farm – Cash Clicker is the name of a simulation game that has been published by Hot Games Team gaming studio for Android devices. Hot Games Team has previously released many good games for gamers and has a successful gaming record in the Android market. Idle Leisure Farm – Cash Clicker is another good game from this gaming studio that has been able to provide a unique gaming experience for gamers by offering an exciting and entertaining gameplay. In this game, you play the role of a farm manager and try to cultivate various products by developing your farm and sell them after harvesting to generate income. Of course, this is not all you can do in this game, and as you progress in the game, you can also do other things like raising animals and construction. The gameplay of the game is not very complicated and is suitable for all age groups. The idea of a farm game is not a new idea, and you have certainly seen many games with this theme in the Android market. However, Idle Leisure Farm – Cash Clicker is a new game and has features that make it stand out from other games. The game’s progression system sets specific goals for you that you must accomplish. Most of these goals are related to upgrading the farm. Your farm has various sections that can generate income for you. What you always need to keep in mind is that every section that is upgraded can generate more income for you.


Idle Leisure Farm - Cash Clicker


In Idle Leisure Farm – Cash Clicker, you need to pay attention to your goals and income generation. Because you may focus too much on your goals and have difficulty generating income, which may prevent you from doing many things in the future. The game’s upgrade system is very advanced and includes various sections that are accessible from the game menu. Upgrades can include upgrading wheat fields, vending machines, parking, and more. The game’s goals are also in the game menu and are accessible from there. These goals can include upgrading wheat fields to a specific level, earning a specific amount of money, building various sections on the farm, and more. The graphics of the game are excellent and have many details, and it is clear that the creators have given great importance to the visual effects of the game. The game has an isometric view and you can easily see all parts of your farm. There are no special sound effects to talk about, but the background music is really pleasant and creates a relaxing atmosphere for the game. The controls are in their simplest form, and all gameplay mechanisms are done by tapping the screen of your device. The game menu is also very simple, and by scrolling up and down in the different sections of the menu, you can easily understand everything. Overall, it can be said that Idle Leisure Farm – Cash Clicker is a good game to fill your leisure time, and if you are interested in idle games, this game can be a suitable choice for you. Idle Leisure Farm – Cash Clicker has an 4.2 out of 5.0 rating among Android gamers, and the Usroid team intends to provide this game in both original and modded versions, without any limitations and completely free of charge. You can download this game now, which has been tested by our team, through the direct links provided at the end of the article and enjoy playing it!

Attention: In your mod version, you receive unlimited rewards without seeing advertisements.