Idle Medieval Tycoon v1.2.2 Mod – Strategic game of urban development in the Middle Ages Android Trailer
Ordinary version of Mod version (Unlimited Money) tested separately
with offline

Idle Medieval Tycoon – Idle Clicker Tycoon Game – The development of the city in the Middle Ages is a beautiful and fun game in the style of strategy and clicker (click) by GGDS game studio – Idle Games Business Tycoon designed and built. This game has been released for free on Google Play for Android devices, and Usroid, as always, has provided the latest version to you dear ones. In Idle Medieval Tycoon – Idle Clicker Tycoon Game you have to manage a city in the Middle Ages and take it as high as you can. The highest pleasure in strategy games is to manage and improve! If you love being a king or you want to be a powerful person but in the real world it is not possible for you, you can taste this pleasure in the virtual world and games! Idle Medieval Tycoon – Idle Clicker Tycoon Game With its good gameplay, it will almost never bore you and will always be fun. You need to invest in the game as much as you can and make more money, so you can test your skill in making money! There are also many game consultants who can help you run your city in the best possible way, depending on whether you want to use them or not.


Idle Medieval Tycoon - Idle Clicker Tycoon Game


To experience Idle Medieval Tycoon – Idle Clicker Tycoon Game You do not need internet and you can enjoy the management of your city and villages offline. Idle Medieval Tycoon – Idle Clicker Tycoon Game has relatively good graphics, but it was not expected to be more than the size of the game. The game’s animations are well implemented and there aren’t many problems in this regard. The creators have tried to make the game environment as similar as possible to the medieval environment, which can be said to have been somewhat successful, although the game has room for improvement. It is also important to note that the game environment is designed to be lively, dynamic and also colorful, and in this regard, it is not possible to play a small part. If you are looking for an attractive game with beautiful cartoon graphics and you are especially looking for a challenge, never miss this game. This game is great and suitable for those who love strategy games and will surely entertain them. If you are one of them, do not hesitate at all and download the game right now. The fate of a city and in the future a nation is in your hands! So pay close attention to the administration of your city and country and listen to the demands of your people! Idle Medieval Tycoon Game – Idle Clicker Tycoon Game is currently available on Google Play The score is 4.3 out of 5.0 and has been downloaded more than 1 million times by Android users around the world and is one of the most popular strategy category games. In Usroid, we provide you with the latest version of it for free and with a direct link, which you can download with one click. We hope you enjoy this game and share your thoughts with us.