Idle Oil Tycoon v + Mod – Management and simulation game “Oil Trader” for Android + Trailer
Ordinary version + Mod version (very large amount of money) tested separately
with offline execution

Idle Oil Tycoon – The oil merchant, whose full name is Idle Oil Tycoon: Gas Factory Simulator, is a simulation style game of management games and clichés, made by the British studio Gismart and offered for free. This studio has already offered interesting games like Cool Goal , which we introduced earlier in Usroid, and this time we want to play this game at your request. Introduce and publish. In addition to the original version, we have also prepared a modified and exclusive version of this game, so that if you are looking for a fun and unlimited game experience, you can also enjoy this title enough. Idle Oil Tycoon: Gas Factory Simulator As mentioned, it is a game in the style of clinker and management of Tycoon games. In this game, you play the role of someone who has always dreamed of becoming an oil trader and a billionaire. Chances are you’ll find a small oil well in your backyard. This is where the adventure of becoming a powerful oil trader begins. Now you are officially involved in this work and you will not be satisfied with just this small oil well! There are many missions ahead of you so that you can go through the success stages one after the other. To do this, you need to become a professional.


Idle Oil Tycoon: Gas Factory Simulator


در Idle Oil Tycoon: Gas Factory SimulatorYou can build a factory and become famous in the world. Your job is to extract as much oil as you can and get richer and richer! After you have been able to raise enough capital, you can go to other parts of the world and open a refinery in different countries. You can even travel to other planets and continue your business in them! This game is supposed to make you the biggest oil trader and make your small company the biggest petroleum empire! The style of the game is exactly the same as other Idle Clicker style titles. You need to build and refine oil from the heart of the earth by building oil extraction tools, either manually or automatically. There are hundreds of different items for upgrading game sections. You can also change the shape and image of your oil company by customizing the different parts of the game. Graphically, the game is designed in Polygon style and has fully optimized graphics. That’s why you can try Idle Oil Tycoon: Gas Factory Simulator on most regular Android devices. This fun and strategic game can keep you entertained for a long time. To download the latest version of this game with its modded version, download it to the boxRefer to Usroid . Idle Oil Tycoon: Gas Factory Simulator has more than 5 million downloads and has also managed to score 4.0 out of 5.0 .