Idle Prison Tycoon v1.5.4 + Mod – Attractive simulation and click game “Prison Capital” Android + Trailer
Normal version + Unlimited version (money, coins and medals: increase instead of decrease)
Tested offline

Idle Prison Tycoon is a fun click game in the style of simulation games from iKame Games for Android, which has been published on Google Play, and today we are in Iran for the first time.We are going to introduce the latest version along with the presence mode of you fans of this game. This game is a combination of click and simulation game in addition to attracting fans of both game styles, can offer a new and attractive game. You are in charge of a prison; Build your own mining business by controlling prisoners and become a big investor so that your investors will be proud of you! Here you are in the role of a Minister of Mines, responsible for the construction of mines and the management of mines to make the prison prosper and, most importantly, yourself. By investing in mines, you can achieve crystal, diamond and gold mines and upgrade all your mines or build new mines by converting your resources into cash. Increase your profits quickly to get bigger businesses by expanding your mines and speeding up the inmates.


Idle Prison Tycoon: Gold Miner Clicker Game


Game Idle Prison Tycoon has been downloaded more than 10,000 times by Android users around the world and has a good rating of 4.6 from 5.0 also does business. Features of the game include the ability to click to earn money or wait for workers to do so, earn money while offline, become one of the largest investors, the ability to expand and upgrade mines, find mineral mines New with more profit, hiring better workers and managers to motivate prisoners, the possibility of hiring security forces to protect against animals, viewing the statistics of all its mines on display, HD graphics and beautiful gameplay. You can first view the images and video gameplay of the game and then, if you wish, download the regular version and game mode for free from Fars high-speed servers.Take action. This game has been tested offline and has been run without any problems.

Note: In the new version, the name of the game has been changed to Idle Prisoner Inc – Mine & Crafting Building.

Changes in version v1.5.4:

* Fixed some minor issues and improved game graphics + new features