Idle Stickman Heroes: Monster Age v + Mod – Hero and Action Stickman Heroes game for Android
Normal version + mod version (infinite money) separately
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Idle Stickman Heroes: Monster Age – A fun and entertaining game of clicker and management games, which is made and offered in the category of action titles. The game was developed by JustIdle Studio in Vietnam and is available for free but with in-app payments on Google Play. This time, in another article, we have introduced and introduced another attractive Android game for the first time among all Iranian sites for download. Usroid invites you dear ones and fans of action and fun games to download the beautiful and entertaining game Idle Stickman Heroes: Monster Age from the end of this article and have a unique experience of clicker and action games. The game Stickman Heroes is actually a title modeled on Stickman themed games. Since almost 90% of Stickman-themed releases are action-packed in nature, JustIdle Studio has followed suit and developed an action-packed game with some differences. In fact, it can be said that Idle Stickman Heroes: Monster Age is the same feeling that most other games with Stickman titles give the player.


Idle Stickman Heroes: Monster Age


In Idle Stickman Heroes: Monster Age, you play the role of a variety of Stickman heroes chosen to fight monsters. Their enemy is a large army of monsters that have dangerous abilities and can easily destroy anyone. You also have to build an army of these heroes in the role of hero stickmen and use each character in the best way and use their abilities and characteristics against the enemy. As you can guess from the name of the game, the important part of the hero stickman game is like clicking Idle style games, and this means that upgrading the characters in the form of Idle games has an important part in this game. With the beginning of each stage of Idle Stickman Heroes: Monster Age, you have to build a line of defense of your stickmen or hero characters in the role of a leader and put them together according to professional strategies and tactics, and each of them Upgrade separately. The creator of the game says that in this game, more than 200 fun stages have been designed and made available to players. If you enjoy clicker games in the form of action gameplay, Idle Stickman Heroes: Monster Age can undoubtedly be an interesting and entertaining option for you. To get more familiar with the style and context of the game, you can first watch the video of the game trailer and then download the latest version of this game for your Android device from the Usroid box download section.