Idle Train Tycoon v207 + Mod – Popular capital train simulation game Android
version Normal version + Mod version (infinite money and gold) individually
tested with offline run

Idle Train TycoonThe name of a game in the genre of simulation published by Ostara Studios for mobile devices with Android operating system. Idle Train Tycoon is an Idle Train and Resource Management game with a train theme. This game has been able to successfully provide a gameplay that will be attractive and fun for any gamer by combining a series of familiar mechanisms. At first, the shape and image of this game may confuse you and you may say to yourself, “Oh! Another Idley game! ” But be sure that when you enter the game and see the beautiful world with your own eyes, your opinion will change and you will not be shaken by this game. This game will bring you a unique and unique experience due to the atmosphere and atmosphere created by its developers. The gameplay mechanics of Idle Train Tycoon are designed in its simplest form, which makes this game not only a relaxing game, but also suitable for all age groups. You can complete various game goals and progress in the game by doing a few simple moves and clicking on the screen of your device. The variety of rewards you get during the game will also help you to easily do various upgrades and just enjoy playing.


Idle Train Tycoon


Idea Idle Train TycoonIt’s not new, and even the gameplay is not that different from similar titles. But the right speed of money and the low price of upgrades will inadvertently nail you to the game for hours on end. This game also uses an interesting storyline. Apparently you had a grandfather who, your beloved grandfather, owned a large lumber mill and a larger train station. This collection has belonged to your family for more than 500 years and all of them have been inherited to you after the death of your grandfather. Now you can take advantage of this opportunity and become a big capitalist with the facilities at your disposal. Your adventure begins in 1840 in a land full of trees and wood, and continues with the passage of centuries and the discovery of new lands. As you earn money, you can expand and grow your own sawmill and train and navigation system, and eventually build your own great empire. All in all, Idle Train Tycoon is a great game of all dimensions, and if you want to choose a good game for your leisure time, we definitely recommend Idle Train Tycoon. For this reason, the teamUsroid intends to provide the original version and the modded version of this game to you dear ones in a tested and completely free form. You can now download this game through the direct links at the bottom of the article and enjoy it!

Note: In the mod version you can with your infinite money; Buy infinite gold in the store!