Idle Zombie Tycoon v0.1.6 + Mod – Android Zombie Era Capital Simulation Game
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested for offline execution

Idle Zombie Tycoon is the name of a simulation game that has been published by the game studio SmartReactor for mobile devices with the Android operating system. SmartReactor game studio has previously released other good games for gamers and has a good track record in the Android market. Idle Zombie Tycoon is also one of the good games of this game studio that has been able to provide a unique and entertaining experience for gamers by offering simple and attractive gameplay. When Darwin proposed the theory that stronger or more intelligent species do not have a greater chance of survival, but rather those species that have the greatest ability to adapt to existing conditions have a higher chance of survival. If this theory is correct, zombies should inherit the earth. Because with the constant influx of zombie games to the Android market in recent years, it seems that nothing can stop them. Idle Zombie Tycoon is one of these games and is essentially a post-apocalyptic zombie game in the idle genre that uses common elements of idle and management games in its gameplay, and its mechanisms are also common clicker mechanisms. But while this game does not have anything new to offer in terms of gameplay, it has been able to use a series of elements and mechanisms that are almost familiar to most gamers in the best possible way and create a successful unique game that will definitely keep you satisfied.


Idle Zombie Tycoon


In the game Idle Zombie Tycoon, you play as an important person who lives in the era of zombies and accepts survivors in his refugee camp. In order to keep the camp running and accommodate more survivors, you must use the people inside the camp and assign them to various tasks. There are many tasks to do in Idle Zombie Tycoon and their diversity is very high. You can create a dining hall and feed the survivors, or you can open a repair shop and repair broken cars or even helicopters. You can also set up a laboratory and produce medicine and try to find a vaccine for the zombie virus. Since protecting survivors and refugees is a priority, you can quickly launch an archery field and start shooting lessons. In summary, there are many tasks and types of activities in Idle Zombie Tycoon that can keep you entertained for hours. Therefore, if you are looking for a game to spend your leisure time, this game can be a suitable choice for you and we definitely recommend it. Idle Zombie Tycoon has managed to score 2.9 out of 5.0 among gamers’ ratings in the Android market, and the Usroid team intends to provide the original and modded versions of it, tested and completely free for you dear ones. You can now download this game through the direct links we have provided at the end of the article and enjoy playing it!

Attention: Spend money in the mod version of the game to see that instead of decreasing, it increases!