iGap v3.3.2 – Update of the Iranian messaging application iGap for tablets and Android phones
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In recent years, as technology has advanced and spread throughout the world, we have witnessed the emergence of various powerful messaging apps that have been able to attract a large portion of users and become among the most popular. Unfortunately, in Iran, the progress of social networks and native messaging apps has been very slow, and it is only recently that we have seen apps created in this area. Based on the list of messengers published by Iranian developers, iGap may be considered one of the best, and in this post, we intend to introduce it. iGap – Iranian Messenger (iGap Messaging App) is the title of a popular and highly secure Iranian messaging app for Android, developed by RooyeKhat Media and released as a global software in the Google Play market. This intelligent messenger, with a unique encryption algorithm, helps you easily and quickly communicate and exchange information with your friends. As you may have noticed from the description, one of the most important reasons for the popularity of this app among Persian-speaking Android users is its high security, for which even its developers have offered a reward to anyone who can penetrate its information; which speaks for itself! All information exchange is free and takes place on internal cloud servers, for which the developer has said there are no restrictions on their use. Create your own groups or channels with thousands of members and share all kinds of important and valuable files without any size or quality limitations. Additionally, it should be noted that besides Android, this app is also available for various other platforms, and all your account information is synchronized between them. It is best not to miss out on the popular and secure Iranian messenger iGap, and stay with us in the following article to download it.

Some features and capabilities of the iGap – آیگپ Android app:

  • Very high speed in communicating with other users
  • Sending one-on-one or group messages with your friends
  • Ability to create channels with very high capacity
  • Ability to add a manager to the channel or group by the main manager
  • Connecting to the application even with the lowest possible speed
  • Support for different connections
  • Synchronization of information on various platforms
  • Very high and exemplary security with a proprietary algorithm
  • Ability to make voice calls
  • Sending files to your friends without any restrictions on size and extension
  • Copying or forwarding messages to your friends
  • Free calls and messages without any cost
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Search among messages to save time
  • Ability to convert private chat to group chat
  • Edit or delete sent messages
  • Liking or disliking messages sent in channels

The iGap – آیگپ application, with its extraordinary security and very high speed, has been able to attract more than thousands of downloads and 3.8 out of 5.0 rating by Iranian and foreign users on Google Play, and now you can download its latest official version from the high-speed servers of Usroid website.


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