IGTV v – Android TV application for Android
The original version of the program is dedicated to you, dear users

If you’ve ever been a fan of smartphones, you’ve probably heard the name Instagram over and over again . A popular social network that started in December 2010 and is now the largest social network with more than 1 billion active users in June 2018. In the last few days, after much speculation, Mr. Sistrom has introduced a number of active users, while introducing a new Instagram platform that allows users to share videos up to an hour with this vast virtual community. . Although this feature is also active in the main application itself, you can get a new experience in watching attractive videos with its dedicated app. IGTV – IGTV the title of the Instagram TV app is developed by Instagram and published in the Google Play Store. At the beginning of the installation of this program, you will be asked for a username and password, which you must enter the same details of your Instagram account, and then you will be faced with a snowy screen like the old analog TVs. After a few seconds, Instagram Artificial Intelligence displays a video according to your taste, which undoubtedly lasts more than a few minutes. In the bottom bar of this program, there are several different options by which you can watch shared videos, followings, or videos that Instagram recognizes according to your interests. Comment on each of the videos or like them as normal posts. In addition, a search bar is available for users to enable them to search for their favorite videos. It is better not to miss this wonderful program and download it from Usroid site because it will become one of the biggest competitors of YouTube in the near future.

Some features and capabilities of the IGTV Android app:

  • Log in with an Instagram account without the need to register
  • Watch the videos of those you follow
  • View videos vertically for smart devices
  • Comment on your favorite videos or send them to your friends directly
  • Like videos as normal posts
  • Watch videos you’ve previously played
  • Ability to search through millions of different and varied videos
  • Super artificial intelligence to display accurate results

The IGTV app, with its diverse and special features, has managed to get more than one million downloads in just a few days after its release, scoring 3.3 out of 5.0 , which is now the latest original version of this software. Get great software from the popular Usroid website .

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