Impossible Space – A Hero In Space v1.9.0 + Mod – Arcade-action game “Impossible Space Mission” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (invincible character) separately
Tested with offline performance

Impossible Space – A Hero In Space is an interesting arcade and role-playing game in the action style for the Android operating system, which was created for free by X3M Games Ltd. Supplied with in-app payments. Once again, for the first time among all Iranian sites, Usroid has prepared, reviewed and introduced another game for your friends, and has prepared the latest version along with a separate mod version. For some time now, more classic and arcade styles have been seen in today’s mobile games, and contrary to what everyone thought, simple and even trivial games still have an important place among mobile players, and this style does not seem to be. From games, give way to bulky games, graphics and the new generation, because these types of games have always had and will have many fans. Impossible space mission game is exactly one of these games, of course, its general nature is modeled on popular games such as Archero or Tales Rush. But the approach of the creators of this game is different from the mentioned games and its theme has changed from a legendary game mode to a science fiction game.


Impossible Space - A Hero In Space


In Impossible Space – A Hero In Space, this time you will not be in a mythical and imaginary land, but in the galaxy in the role of a hero who has adventure in unknown planets and will face many challenges. Unaware that the planets have been possessed by dangerous aliens, the adventurer sets foot in these unknown worlds. Now that you have embarked on this risky adventure, there is no way back! So pick up your weapon and get ready for one of your most dangerous adventures. The style of play is designed so that the view is from above and you just have to take control of the main character of the game and move him around with the help of a virtual gamepad. Your main goal is to move on the map to dodge enemy shots and target them better. Your enemies are alien but intelligent and modern creatures that attack you with various weapons. So you have to focus on dodging and escaping enemy fire. In Impossible Space – A Hero In Space game, you can use all kinds of deadly weapons against enemies and upgrade weapons and other parts of the game by earning money. Impossible Space – A Hero In Space game has simple graphics, but its action-packed and very action-packed gameplay can make you happy and give you an exciting experience. To download the latest version of this game, refer to the Usroid box download section.

Note: In the mod version the game character never dies!