Impulse Music Player Pro v3.0.3 – Superb and unique Android music player
priced at $ 1.99 and rated 4.5 out of 5.0 on Google Play

Impulse Music Player Pro is one of the best, most beautiful and most user-friendly music players offered for Android tablets and phones from AppMetric programming studio, which is priced at $ 1.99.It has been published in the big Google market, and today, at your request, dear and regular users, we intend to introduce the paid and purchased version of it! As you can see, the default music player on Android devices may be appealing for the first few days, but over time it repeats itself and you have to go for another option; An option that, despite its good design, can provide you with many possibilities to eliminate the need for you to play music, and in this regard, we have introduced dozens of special music players in Farsrud. It’s time for Impulse Music Player Pro, a great music player that, unlike other players, is based on gestures, not buttons, with these interpretations you can have a great and smart music player without having to press a button while driving and Or enjoy other things! If you are a music player You are stylish with great features Undoubtedly Impulse Music Player Pro is the best option to choose from!

Some features and capabilities of Impulse Music Player Pro Android app:

  • Hand Wave Gesture for amazing music playback control
  • Broadcast customization with a 5-band equalizer and bass boost and 10 presets
  • Ability to select a favorite image for your music player background
  • Ability to create custom playlists and save them
  • Provide more than 10 dedicated themes to choose from
  • Ability to share multiple songs or full playlists at once

Application Impulse Music Player Pro is now Google has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 that we Usroid the latest paid version and paid to attend your guest have introduced that can do it with one click from servers, high-speed Usroid Download If you are looking for a good music player, Impulse Music Player Pro is undoubtedly our best offer for you to choose from!


Impulse Music Player Pro Android