Infant Teleprompter – 2 in 1 v4.16 – Applicable and full-featured teleprompter application for Android Unlocked and complete
version of the program worth $ 4.99 for the first time on Persian language websites

Infant Teleprompter – 2 in 1 is a practical and full-featured Android teleprometer developed by Nextgen Labs and published on Google Play. Maybe you are a little confused by seeing the title of the post and ask yourself what is a telepamper ?! Teleprumper is a tool for the convenience of journalists and news reporters in live programs. This device, which has a very simple appearance, is located next to the camera and displays the news text while recording the news. Well, of course, we are not all reporters or reporters, but if you look around you, today many of our friends or acquaintances have turned to blogging in various fields or are trying to create beautiful blogs to attract audiences in networks. Build social. All of these people are always trying to make their videos with great precision and never forget the details of what they thought before. As mentioned in the above description, teleprompter is the best solution for this group of our friends. So do not waste time and turn your smartphone into this practical tool!

Infant Teleprompter is a professional and complete teleprompter for Android

Based on our numerous tests on this software, we have come to the conclusion that Infant Teleprompter is one of the best and most complete apps in this field. To get started, just type in the text you need and then start recording the video. When you start video recording, the text is automatically displayed in a separate box on the screen, allowing you to take your blogging skills to the next level. Determining the location of the box in which the texts are displayed depends only on you and your needs, and you will be able to adjust the size of the box.

Infant Teleprompter is a set of features in a single package

One of the reasons for the high popularity of this software among Google Play users is the set of features and capabilities that it provides to you dear ones. Unlike other similar tools available in Android markets, the size of texts and fonts can be changed and you can adjust them to suit your needs. Another option that depends on the user to set it and make changes to its options is the speed of text playback. Making changes to the speed of text rejection will depend only on you and your needs. Infant Teleprompter not only provides features and tools for text editing, but also helps make changes to the video being recorded to suit your needs.

Create different texts and save them

Contrary to what is seen in other teleprompter software, every time you open and close this startup, the texts saved by you will never be deleted. You will be able to set different texts for different situations and call them with just one touch and touch of the screen. One of the most interesting parts of this section is the possibility of calling texts from cloud servers. Infant Teleprompter users can recall their texts from Google Drive or Dropbox cloud servers to save time in addition to permanent access to these texts. This feature is not only enabled for cloud servers but you can also select texts from Word or txt files. In addition, it should be noted that this feature is two-way, which means that in addition to the ability to call texts and titles, it is also possible to receive output from scripts created by you.

Some features and capabilities of Infant Teleprompter – 2 in 1:

  • Turn your Android device into a super professional telemeter printer
  • Display floating text on camera for a perfect blogging experience
  • Access to a variety of tools in this app
  • Adjust the size, font, color and playback speed of the text to suit your needs
  • Record videos with the help of front camera and rear camera
  • Option to adjust the resolution of the images according to your needs
  • Ability to save texts and call them from cloud servers
  • Option to get output from all written texts
  • Built-in timer to start displaying texts on the screen after the desired time has elapsed

App Infant Teleprompter – 2 in 1 with the benefit of its own possibilities and capabilities in the field of Android smart devices become trapped Pramptr of his career by Developer within the network for free together with the payment of $ 4.99 has been released. Now you can download this unique software with access to all features and without any restrictions in the unlocked version of the high-speed internal servers of Usroid website .


Infant Teleprompter