Unlimited Painter FULL v PREMIUM Unlocked – an amazing application for creating artistic images on Android!
Premium, paid and unlocked version with access to all features

Unlimited Painter in Persian ( Unlimited Painter ) is a powerful and popular software in the field of painting and design to create amazing works of art for the Android operating system , which is developed by Unlimited Studio Mobile for free with in-app payment in Google The bridge has been released and, as always, it has been decided to introduce the latest version to you at the same time as it is released, and to provide you with the full and paid version! Unlimited Painter is an interesting application designed for people who are interested in painting and creating very beautiful designs, and now, with a score of 3.9 out of 5.0 in the Play Store, it is one of the best. This applicationProvides you with a variety of tools so you can easily draw on the screen and add effects in an innovative and professional way. Different types of pens with various effects and sizes, different and desired colors along with a white screen for drawing is one of the features of this program, which with its other features can bring the best drawing program on your Android phone. .

Some features, capabilities and features of the Unlimited Painter Android application:

  • Availability of over 100 different brushes with different functions
  • Ability to mix and match to create very beautiful and custom colors
  • Ability to save images and works created in JPEG, PNG or PSD formats
  • Ability to import images into the app from the gallery and camera of your smartphone and even the Internet
  • Careful design of pens to create natural and realistic images
  • Has a beautiful user interface and optimized for touch screens
  • Being five drawing modes – normal, pen, rectangle, oval and line
  • Ability to search millions of colors through ColourLovers.com
  • Five types of symmetry – horizontal, vertical, angular, radial (radial force) and colorful

An interesting and entertaining Unlimited Painter application was sold for $ 4.99 on Google Play, which became free with in-app payment, and now the full and paid version is in front of you, and today in Usroid, the latest version is available. We give it to you for free and you can download it with one click and spend hours drawing amazing paintings!


Unlimited Painter