Infinity Loop: HEX v1.5.6 + Mod – Popular puzzle and intellectual game “Unlimited Ring: Magic” Android + trailer of
the original version + mod version (unlocked + without ads) Presented to you dear ones
tested by running offline

Infinity Loop: HEX – Unlimited Ring: The magic of puzzle games – is an extremely attractive and very beautiful idea from Infinity Games game studio for Android, which has been published for free on Google Play and we are in Usroid today.We want to introduce the latest version in the presence of you puzzle game lovers. A new and different version of the Infinity Loop game series called HEX with a complete set of unlimited levels for you to play in a hexagonal environment is available for you to enjoy this relaxing game. This game allows you to create loops in a different way to help you increase your concentration and attention skills like the first version of Infinity Loop. You will be able to create beautiful package patterns by rotating all the pieces. The creator of the game has made it very carefully to bring you peace and happiness for a while. According to them, playing this game will reduce your stress level, because there is no timer and pressure on you and you will be able to think as long as you need. They do not measure the speed of problem solving as a measure of intelligence and believe that everyone has their own speed and only the ability to complete puzzles at the end of each person’s intelligence capacity, which helps you to strengthen away from stress. And measure your memory intelligence. If you are also a fan of brain teasers and games and you are interested in Infinity Loop: HEX, download this game now and tell us your opinion about it.


Infinity Loop: HEX


Game Infinity Loop: HEX has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times by Android users around the world and managed to score an excellent 4.8 of 5.0 gain. The basic principles of this game are the same as other versions of this game, and that is to reach the end of the game by solving puzzles to increase your intelligence and concentration. In this game, the number of levels is almost unlimited, by connecting all the lines together, you have to create closed shapes so that they can be put together with their own symmetry and beauty. You can first view the images and video gameplay of the game, and if you wish, download the original and unlocked version of the game for free from Usroid high-speed servers . This game has been tested and run without any problems.

Changes in version v1.5.6:

* In-game GDPR update
* Added privacy policy and terms of service