Informant 5 – Calendar v5.01.34 – Calendar and task management application for Android
Premium and full version of the program worth $ 6.99

Informant 5 – Calendar is a calendar and task management application developed by Fanatic Software and published on Google Play. Calendars are one of the best ways to stay informed about holidays, relationships, or planning some of your activities. As you know, not only busy people but also the most ordinary people will need to use a calendar. Well, you should know that calendars are out of their paper forms and are very easy to access today. All you have to do is install a multi-megabyte app to access a complete calendar. According to the needs of users, some developers have increased the features of these calendars and finally offered a great startup! A program that not only meets our need for a calendar; Rather, it allows us to have intelligent oversight of all our tasks. Informant 5 – Calendar is an extended calendar; A calendar that surprises everyone by looking at its list of features. If you look at the post, you will surely notice the main feature of this program. It is true! One of the most important features in this calendar is the ability to manage the tasks and daily activities of your loved ones. Choose the days you want and add your work schedules to it. After adding your activities, set a reminder so that you do not forget your tasks when the desired day arrives. Another attractive feature is the list view mode of all user activities. In this case, briefly view all your tasks and you can edit them if necessary. There are two different ways to enter information; One mode is to write tasks with the keyboard and the second mode is to use the built-in speech-to-text engine, which is very efficient. If you are worried about unwanted deletion of the above program, all you have to do is back up the available data and save it to Google cloud servers.

Some features and capabilities of Informant 5 – Android Calendar:

  • Access to a complete calendar with the ability to view the days of the year in several different modes
  • Create your own special events and tasks each day
  • Support for ICS attachments
  • Observe the weather conditions for a very detailed planning
  • Internal reminders to prevent you from forgetting your important tasks every day
  • Group all created tasks
  • Add notes using a keyboard or speech-to-text engine
  • Sync information with Google cloud servers

Informant 5 – Calendar application has been released by its developer for free with $ 6.99 in-network payment, taking advantage of its special features and capabilities. Now you can download the latest version of this wonderful calendar without any restrictions on accessing the facilities from the direct links of Usroid website .


Informant 5 - Calendar