InfraRED – Stealth Red Icon Pack v1.6 – Attractive Red Icon Pack Android Application
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To enhance the beauty of the display screen of Android smartphones, we always need to consider several different factors. One of the things that some users don’t give importance to is the available icons. All software on any operating system has a personal symbol, which distinguishes and differentiates them from similar programs. Long-term use of a startup with a monotonous icon sometimes makes the environment of the smart device boring and causes user fatigue. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously pay special attention to the user interface and change it constantly. As we mentioned, a significant part of the user interface is covered by icons, and by making changes in this important factor, we can change the interface. InfraRED – Stealth Red Icon Pack is the title of an attractive red icon pack developed by DrumDestroyer Themes and published on Google Play. If you remember, we provided you with the Night Vision icon pack in our previous posts, an icon pack that with its special effects caused a change in the display. This version of the icon pack is exactly like Night Vision, and the only difference is the red color of the icons in it! This amazing pack allows you to customize the icons to your personal taste and completely personalize the environment. Several hundred different icons are available to you, with no restrictions on accessing them. The development team has also designed and provided several exclusive background images to increase the attractiveness of the icons, which are highly coordinated with the symbols. The icons in this collection are updated over time and provide conditions for accessing the latest styles of icons on Android. In addition, the program environment is very simple, and even novice users can use it.

Some features and capabilities of the InfraRED – Stealth Red Icon Pack Android app:

  • Access to a collection of beautiful and extraordinary red icons
  • Unique icons in Night Vision style with special design
  • Access to over 200 exclusive wallpapers designed by the developer
  • An option to search for icons based on available categories
  • Support for popular Android launchers
  • Ability to send a request to the developer and receive your desired icon
  • A simple and easy-to-use user interface

The InfraRED – Stealth Red Icon Pack app, featuring an extraordinary and beautiful collection of designs by its developer, has been released on Google Play for $0.99. You can now purchase the latest version of this amazing icon pack and access the icons from high-speed servers on the Usroid website without any restrictions.


InfraRED - Stealth Red Icon Pack