4K Wallpapers – HD, Live Backgrounds, Auto Changer v1.0.6 – Android App for 4K and Live Background Images
Professional and complete version of the app worth $1.99

4K Wallpapers – HD, Live Backgrounds, Auto Changer is an application that includes a collection of 4K and live wallpapers developed by Wallgenic and published on Google Play. Customizing the display screen on smart devices is a wide-ranging topic that even smartphone manufacturers pay special attention to. Users who purchase these smartphones have their own particular tastes and try to install their preferred software and make the most of them. Like anything else, the interface is not exempt from this matter, and we are always striving to have a special user interface. To have a completely personalized display screen, various factors must be changed from scratch to achieve the desired outcome! The main option that should be considered in customizing the display screen is the wallpaper, which various software in the Android operating system allows you to access different wallpapers and select an option that suits your taste. Among them, the 4K Wallpapers – HD, Live Backgrounds, Auto Changer app can be considered one of the best. This program helps you choose the best wallpaper according to your desires by having a large database. All available images are divided into two different groups: static images and live images! Live wallpapers with their special beauty make the display screen more attractive and give it a special effect. One of the most important features that may catch your attention is the ability to automatically change wallpapers; so that you only need to set a specific time period for the images to change accordingly. Unlike many similar tools available on the Android market that only allow you to change the wallpaper of the main display screen, this app will help you choose a wallpaper for the lock screen as well.

Some features of the 4K Wallpapers – HD, Live Backgrounds, Auto Changer Android app:

  • Access to an endless collection of various background images
  • Categorization of all images into their own special groups
  • Hundreds of beautiful live wallpapers to enhance your screen
  • An option to search and find your desired wallpapers
  • An option to automatically change wallpapers at different time intervals
  • Select one image for the main screen and another for the lock screen
  • Bookmark your favorite wallpapers for quick access
  • View all popular background images from users’ perspectives

The 4K Wallpapers – HD, Live Backgrounds, Auto Changer application, with its special features and capabilities for accessing high-quality background images, has been developed and released for free by its developer, with an in-network payment of $1.99 on Google Play. You can now download the latest professional version of the app from the popular website Usroid.


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