Ink & Paper Handwrite PDF Notes v – Android design and note-taking application with a handwritten
version, complete and purchased for $ 3.99 for the first time in USA

Taking notes of important points and issues can be considered as one of the common activities of users of Android devices. Quick access to smartphones has led users to use them to create and store their notes, and to load the created notes at any time. So far, various apps have been released in this field, and in this post, we want to introduce you to one of the newest ones. Ink & Paper Handwrite PDF Notes The title is a handwritten design and note-taking app developed by Francesco Paolo Torre for Android and released on Google Play. Writing notes with a personal handwriting is one of the main features of this program, which fully conveys the feeling of a pleasant note-taking to the user. You will have 6 different pens that you can customize to suit your needs and create notes with high detail. When creating notes, use geometric shapes and images and change their transparency according to your personal needs. In addition, it is good to know that the smart system of this startup allows you to back up your data at any time and, if necessary, return it with just one hint.

Some features and capabilities of Ink & Paper Handwrite PDF Notes for Android:

  • Make notes and drawings with your own handwriting
  • Create personal books on a variety of topics
  • Six different types of pens with high personalization capability
  • Use geometric images and shapes in created notes
  • Select and move, zoom, rotate and drag each object using your fingers
  • Two features, Ando and Redo, to avoid possible mistakes
  • Put different shapes on top of each other and adjust their transparency
  • Make quick notes using ready-made templates
  • Save and upload custom collections of colors, pens and…
  • Backup and restore any part of the library in ZIP format
  • Organize your notes in a variety of folders

Application Ink & Paper Handwrite PDF Notes to benefit from the features and capabilities of its diverse managed $ 3.99 Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version purchased it from the website visited Usroid get . In our version, all the features are available and you can use them without any time limit.


Ink&Paper Handwrite PDF Notes