Users are usually looking for a music player that, in addition to having many features and meeting their needs, has a small volume that does not have much effect on the speed of their phone. In this regard, we have tried to introduce all the different and lightweight music players. Today, it is the turn of the light and popular Inline Music Player application, which is designed based on the popular foobar 2000 player, and with a score of 4.3 in PlayStation and a volume of about 600 KB, it can be the best option for those of you who are looking for low music player. You are volume and wonderful.

This music player can bring you the best music player on your mobile phone by adding features such as creating a list of sections, very low battery consumption, playing audio with the highest possible quality, headset support and.. Other features of this player include the following:

* Play music in a simple environment with the highest possible quality

* Very low battery consumption when playing your music

* Ability to create playlists with easy management

* Ability to play playlist music based on criteria such as album, artist, directory, style, year, date

* Smart search in playlist

* Supports all popular audio formats

* Headset and Bluetooth support for music management

* Having a sleep timer to automatically stop playing music

* Ability to edit different music tags

* Having the ability to download Art Album with the possibility of automatic download

* Being free and not having any additional ads

Today in Usroid, we provide you with the full and new version of the free Inline Music Player FULL with a direct link, which you can download by clicking to read more.


Download Inline Music Player - Android lightweight music player