[Insta Xtreme v20 [INSTAGRAM MOD – the best mode now Android Instagram
few installation file to install along with or instead of the original Instagram
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Undoubtedly all of you friends with the famous social network and the familiar name of Instagram You know, a global social network where millions of videos and images are shared every day, and these days the market is hot because of the filtering of other social networks in Iran, and almost everyone can say at least one It has an account, and this makes us support your loved ones from all points of view and introduce interesting and various programs in the field of this social network of your presence! This social network has prepared its own application for easier and faster access for you smartphone owners, and with its help, you can use all the features and facilities of this social network in an interesting and simple environment, but surely you are also in When watching a video or image of a person, you would like to save a copy of it on your device’s memory, but you still can’t or don’t want to see a specific person’s profile picture in a larger size and clearly!As always, Usroid will be the pioneer in the world of Android and will provide you with two mod versions of this famous social network called Insta Xtreme and Insta Xtreme Clone so that you can enjoy having the best and most complete Instagram mod of Android now. !

Some of the advantages of Android Insta Xtreme Clone & Insta Xtreme apps over the original version:

  • Made based on the latest version of the original Instagram
  • Ability to manually specify program language from settings (Persian)
  • Ability to view profile photos of people with original and large size
  • Ability to download photos and videos easily with original quality
  • Ability to play videos with video playback software such as MX Player
  • Share photo and video links in other messengers
  • Share links directly in WhatsApp Messenger
  • Added Start videos directly with sound for automatic video playback
  • Ability to download photos and videos of Stories section
  • Ability to view people’s stories in secret and anonymously!
  • Activate the option to load videos with audio from settings
  • Ability to view Instagram videos in your favorite video player!
  • Ability to copy the text of people’s posts or their bio text!
  • Ability to open links in your favorite web browser!
  • Available in dozens of special and different themes to choose from!
  • Possibility to log in to Instagram with the help of your Facebook account!

We have launched the Insta Xtreme application in Usroid today at the request of a group of you dear ones for download. Both Insta Xtreme and Insta Xtreme Clone versions are installed on your Android device without any problems and give you their performance! All you need to know is that Insta Xtreme and Insta Xtreme Clone are two different software, Insta Xtreme Clone can be installed and run along with the original and official version of Instagram, and Insta Xtreme will replace the original version, and if you have the original version, it will not be installed and it is better. Know that the two software Insta Xtreme and Insta Xtreme Clone are installed together.

Additional points:

1 – hereinafter can always get the latest version from the download page do
2 – in tests and surveys from us no problems installing and running the program does not exist and most secure there and is approved
3 – Mood clone Originally, the original version was modified to be installed next to the original Insta Xtreme version.


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