InstaLogo Logo Creator v2.2 – Tools for designing and making custom Android logos for
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InstaLogo Logo Creator is an interesting and new program in the field of designing and making logos, brochures and advertising or exclusive posters from Pocket Soft Kft studio for Android , which has been published on Google Play for $ 0.99 and we intend to introduce it for the first time in Iran. ! As you know, designing logos, posters and things like that is a delicate and precise job; If the designer can use more of his fingers and have less to convey what he wants to create by clicking and opening and closing various tools, he can more easily execute what he has in mind; That’s why designing a logo on a phone and tablet is more enjoyable than a computer! InstaLogo Logo CreatorThe best logo design application on Google Play, with the help of which you can design your own logo, brochure, poster, invitation card and… in less than 3 minutes with your Android device! A variety of different and practical tools are included in the program that you can easily use without the need for special knowledge and make a special and unique logo, brochure or poster and enjoy having the best logo making software. !

Some features of the Android InstaLogo Logo Creator application:

  • Ability to use default logos and fonts to create custom logos
  • Enter your own image or font to apply to logos
  • Availability of a wide range of special and unique logos
  • Ability to easily make custom changes to the logo by dragging and dropping
  • Professionally edit colors and shadows in logos, text, photos and backgrounds
  • Ability to save the logo designed in different formats by you
  • Access to cloud services including Dropbox to store the logo
  • Ability to take samples of colors in images and use on the logo
  • Availability of dozens of other tools + easy and unique user interface

InstaLogo Logo Creator program has been sold more than 50,000 times so far and it is interesting that it has not been introduced in any Iranian site so far, and today in Usroid we have the latest and latest version for the first time in Iran . We have introduced it and you can download it with one click from the site’s high-speed servers.

Changes in version v2.2:

* Big update with the addition of dozens of new features.


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