Instant Heart Rate – Pro v5.36.8299 – Smart app for measuring heart rate for Android
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The heart, like the brain, is one of the most important organs in the body, and any sign of it can tell important news to anyone. So far, various Android gadgets have been produced and marketed by different companies whose job is to measure health and heart rate. In addition to their high accuracy, these gadgets also have a very high price that not everyone can easily afford. Prepare and use them. Instant Heart Rate – Pro is a unique and useful program for accurate heart rate measurement that the power of the Android operating systemis showing. Unlike other programs in the Android market, this software does not require any hardware to measure heart health and shows different information from your heart in just a few seconds. One of the important applications of this program is along with other sports applications that can be effective in line with your goals to achieve your goal. To use it, just place your finger on the camera of your Android device for a few seconds and then see your heart rate per minute. The graphical chart in the Instant Heart Rate shows the heart rate to its users in different periods and warns the users at the end of each measurement if there is a risk to their heart health.


Instant Heart Rate - Pro Android


Super Instant Heart Rate – Pro application with more than 25 million active downloads by athletes and other users of Android devices is one of the most popular software in the Play Store, and its superiority over other applications has led to a score of 3.7 Get from 5.0 . You can now get the latest purchased version for $ 2.99 from the reputable Usroid site.