InstaWeather Pro is one of the most powerful and best weather monitoring software for Android operating system , which is offered by byss mobile programming studio for $ 10 on Google Play and with more than 100,000 sales from popular It is one of the most popular weather programs. The description of this software is that by taking a photo of the place where you want to see the weather, you will get complete and accurate information about the desired place. With this software, you will be able to always and everywhere be informed about the weather in different regions, and if you wish, share its photo on Facebook, Instagram and و social networks. On the other hand, softwareAutomatically introduced can add useful information such as temperature and بر to the images you take! This program with its extremely beautiful skins and unique features can be selected as a fixed weather application on your smartphone. You can download the purchased and complete version of this weather app for free from Usroid high-speed servers.

Some features and possibilities of InstaWeather Pro Android application:

  • Having 60 various and very stylish skins for the appearance of the program
  • Display simple and very accurate information with air pressure, temperature, rain, wind energy and direction
  • Displays air temperature in degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit, kilometers and miles
  • Ability to select the weather forecast period by the user
  • Ability to add your own text or personal comment to the image
  • Share images on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and send via SMS and email
  • Having a simple and classic user interface

The professional version of InstaWeather, which is now in front of you, has more skins, more options and no ads, and is sold at a price of $ 9.99 in the Play Store, and we at Usroid will provide it to you for free. We give and we hope you like it. This app, like other programs available in Usroid, has been tested by us and has run without any problems.

Note: The name of the program has been changed to Weathershot – old PRO in the new version.


InstaWeather Pro