Internet Speed ​​Meter Pro v1.0 – Android Internet Speed ​​Meter App
Purchased for $ 1.49 for the first time in Iran

Each user of smart devices uses different Internet service providers according to their needs, and these service providers determine the price of the offered Internet based on speed. But the important point here is that the guaranteed speed is not provided; As users always think the problem is from their device. With this in mind, in this post we want to introduce you to an application software for accurate display of Internet speed. Internet Speed ​​Meter ProTitle is a smart application to display the exact speed of the Internet for Android, developed and published by Creative Appzone. This program helps its users, at any time and place, just by looking at the notification bar, to be informed of the actual download and upload speed and to know what the actual speed is. All information related to the Internet consumption is stored in the database of this app and you can access all of them at any time. The Wi-Fi and mobile data separation system helps you know how much you have used each type of connection and quickly identify any overuse!

Some features and capabilities of Internet Speed ​​Meter Pro Android application:

  • Save information on internet usage on a daily and monthly basis
  • Display download and upload speeds in the smartphone notification bar
  • Speed ​​information in a completely accurate and real-time manner
  • Display the amount of daily traffic consumed in the bar notification
  • آمار هایی جداگانه برای وای فای و داده های همراه
  • نظارت بر اطلاعات ترافیکی در سی روز گذشته
  • استفاده بسیار کم از باتری دستگاه هوشمند
  • محیط کاربری ساده و آسان

اپلیکیشن Internet Speed Meter Pro با بهره مندی از امکانات و قابلیت هایی متنوع توسط توسعه دهنده اش با قیمت 1.49 در مارکت گوگل پلی منتشر شده است. این برنامه تا کنون فروشی نداشته که با دریافت آن از وبسایت فارسروید بی شک جزو اولین کاربرانش در ایران و جهان خواهید بود ؛ در نسخه ما همه قابلیت ها به صورت رایگان در دسترس اند .

تغییرات نسخه v1.0 :

* انتشار نسخه اولیه برنامه در گوگل پلی