Internet Speed Monitor v0.9.7.7 [Pro] – Android Internet Speed Monitoring Application
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There are many different ways to find out the internet speed of smartphones, each of which has its drawbacks; For example, using sites on the web, you can take a speed test at any time and be aware of the actual speed of your Internet; But it is better to know that in this method, only the speed is measured at the same moment and the speed fluctuations are not displayed! The Internet Speed ​​Monitor Pro Full application, published by Lufesu Inc. programming studio, is a very practical solution for measuring the speed of the Internet and monitoring it at any time. The intelligent system used in this software provides a platform for users to view and be informed of the speed in a completely real and live way on their screen at any time. Apart from the general introduction of the program, a set of special features is also included in Internet Speed ​​Monitor, by which you can adjust the program according to your needs. When monitoring speed, both download and upload speeds are supported by the program and their actual amount can be seen at any time. In addition, there is an option among the settings that displays the speed in terms of the unit desired by the user. If you are unhappy after installing the program and displaying the speed bar at the top of your device, refer to the settings to adjust the transparency of the mentioned bar to your liking and reduce it to a point that it is not easy to detect. To download the above program with Usroid, read more and download the box.


Internet Speed Monitor Pro Android


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