Interwebz Browser v1.3 – Simple and compact Android browser application
Purchased version for $ 1.49 for the first time in Iran

Undoubtedly, web browsers are one of the first ways to access the Internet, and since the creation of this vast global network, new versions of them have been published day by day and various capabilities have been added to them. But as you know, these improvements do not always make users happy, and some of them, as in the past, are looking for simplicity and low volume to occupy a small amount of their device’s RAM and be able to search web pages faster. And pay attention to what they want. Due to this issue, Usroid site, as the best Persian language Android website, has provided you with various versions of simple browsers so far. In this post, we want to introduce you to another of them completely free of charge. . Interwebz Browser is a simple web browserAnd it is a small Android device that was developed by Turk Innovations and published in the big Google Play market. Any kind of default features that you think are available in this browser and in a way it can be considered the simplest web browser available for quick access to your desires. The small size of the Interwebz browser saves less memory on your device and saves you a lot of battery and CPU power. Introbes user interface is designed in such a way that users with OLED pages, in addition to having a stylish and beautiful environment, minimize energy consumption and gain a quick experience in searching for content.


Interwebz Browser


Interwebz Browser application, with the benefit of its various and various features and capabilities, was able to receive a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with its price of $ 1.49, and now, as always, you can purchase the latest version. Download this program for free from Usroid high-speed servers in Arian.

Version v1.3 changes:

* Ability to save images
* Ability to use the app on smart TVs!
* Leanback launcher support