IP Cam Soft v10.0 – Great IP management camera app for Android
Purchased version for $ 4.37

Network cameras or so-called IP cameras are one of the most widely used CCTV cameras in companies or reputable chain stores that can be accessed with just one internet line and images can be easily accessed. Received remotely. Web browsers are one of the most common ways to access IPs, but you should know that browsers have limitations and display images with more delay, and there are various applications that allow it. These cameras can be easily controlled. IP Cam SoftIt is a complete and practical application in the field of network camera management that has been published by IPCamSoft.com in the big Android market. One of the best features of this program compared to the management of cameras by browsers is the high speed of receiving images! This software covers more than 600 models of network cameras to eliminate the need for any other program for its users. More than 4 cameras can be seen on each page and you will be able to easily save the received videos.

Some features and capabilities of IP Cam Soft Android application:

  • Receive CCTV images remotely
  • Supports 600 different network camera models
  • Ability to play audio if the camera supports audio reception
  • Ability to view more than 4 cameras per page
  • Save videos on display and share them via email
  • An ideal program for the security of homes or private companies
  • Ability to zoom and rotate on any camera

IP Cam Soft application has been able to get a score of 3.9 out of 5.0 with the price of $ 4.37 in the Play Store by the users of this Android market, and now you can download the latest version of this software from Usroid high-speed servers in Iran. .


IP Cam Soft