I & Phone Locker, Anti-theft & Loss, Safe Smartphone v1.2.0 – Android theft prevention application
Purchased version for $ 4.49 for the first time on Persian language sites

Today, due to the high value and price of Android smart devices, there are many reports of theft of these devices. In many cases due to very low user information; People can not find their smartphones and the police department is not able to identify the thief in many cases. Due to this issue, one of the best solutions to prevent theft of Android devices is to use a smart and practical application. I & Phone Locker, Anti-theft & Loss, Safe SmartphoneIs the title of a security application to prevent theft of Android devices, which was developed by the Korean company (주) OT 톡 IOTOK INC and published in the large Google Play market. As you know, all thieves of smart devices, after stealing a smartphone, turn off the device and take out the SIM card so that no one can track it; But we must say that by installing this software, it is not possible to turn off the device for thieves! After the theft, if the thief tries to turn off the cell phone, he will be asked for a password, and if he cannot enter it within ten seconds, the device will never turn off and the security mode will be activated. When activating this startup, various features are provided to users, one of which can be considered as video and photo recording; In such a way that the program automatically records ten-second videos and accurate images by the front and back camera and sends them to a preset email! However, you should know that all this information is sent along with the geographical location of your device and allows you to find your lost device in a very short time.


I&Phone Locker, Anti-theft & Loss, Safe Smartphone


Applications I & Phone Locker, Anti-theft & Loss, Safe Smartphone with a set of features and functionality that varied in safe keeping Android smart devices by their developer at a price of $ 4.49 at the supermarket giant Google reported that now You can download the latest version purchased from Usroid site and be one of the first users in Iran and the world.

Changes in version v1.2.0:

* Improved app capability