iPlay Pro SBS Player 3D VR Web v2.1 – Virtual reality and side-by-side video playback application on Android!
Full and purchased version for $ 2.99 for you

As you, dear users, know, in the last few years, the virtual reality industry has been developing in such a way that you can now provide a virtual reality headset at the lowest possible cost and create a new experience while viewing video files. Get it, but it must be said that games and movies of virtual reality headsets are special and not every movie or video can be viewed as virtual reality! iPlay Pro SBS Player 3D VR Web A unique application for displaying videos and images in virtual reality and side-by-side (two-way) for Android operating systemPublished by PANAGOLA in Google Market! It can be said that this unique application removes all limitations and allows you to view your image files in a completely different and two-way way; All video files are played with their real size by this smart player and you can watch everything in different dimensions. The capabilities and capabilities of iPlayer Pro do not end with just a few points, this player has an advanced technology at its heart for viewing websites side by side, and from now on you can view web pages in their entirety. View the page and do not get tired of hours of surfing the Internet. The only requirement to use this wonderful application is to have a virtual reality headset that you can get new experiences!

Some of the features and capabilities of iPlay Pro SBS Player 3D VR Web Android:

  • Play normal video elephants as a side-by-side sbs
  • Play SBS 3D and HBS 3D videos
  • Support for srt subtitles
  • Supports playing multiple audio simultaneously while playing video files
  • Support for USB drives
  • Ability to configure the playback screen frame
  • Ability to play different movies in sequence
  • View photos as SBS
  • Support for displaying images in JPG and PNG formats
  • Supports side-by-side playback of gif images
  • Support for JPS 3D format
  • Supports zooming and rotating images
  • Display web pages as SBS
  • Ability to search in all popular search engines

The unique iPlay Pro SBS Player 3D VR Web app has been able to download thousands of dollars for $ 2.99; Get a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by users in the Play Store, which you can now download the latest and complete version of this smart player from Usroid site.

Changes in version v2.1:

* Web search engine optimization