Iron Throne – تاج و تخت آهنین is the title of a strategic game released by the game studio Netmarble for Android devices. After its great success with Lineage 2: Revolution, this game studio intends to repeat its success with another online multiplayer and strategic game, and has already achieved this with over 1,000,000 active installations! The mentioned game studio is actually part of Tencent, one of the largest mobile game developers with an outstanding track record in this field, and has previously presented masterpieces such as Marvel Future Fight and Star Wars Force Arena. In other words, this game studio has a high level of experience, and if you want to try a modern and top-level game, be sure that you won’t regret choosing Iron Throne. If we combine Game Of Thrones and The Lord Of The Rings and make a game out of them, what happens? If your answer is Iron Throne, then you are right! You may think that all this praise and admiration is meaningless and that you are faced with a duplicate game, but as soon as you enter the game, your way of thinking will change because the creativity that the developers have used in the gameplay design of Iron Throne: The Firstborn has made this game distinct from any other game.


Iron Throne


The game Iron Throne – تاج و تخت آهنین uses the Unreal 4 graphics engine and was developed by a team of 50 people over a period of 3 years, showcasing incredible visual effects and realism. There are countless heroes in this game, each with their own unique characteristics, both in terms of appearance and character. For example, some heroes can help you build structures faster, while others can help you in battle by organizing your troops on the battlefield. You can also upgrade and level up your heroes’ abilities using the loot you acquire throughout the game, making them more effective and better performing. The main goal of the Iron Throne game is to become the king of the world, which can only be achieved by creating strong alliances and winning various battles. The battles are very dynamic and challenge your strategic skills. Placing heroes, infantry, archers, and other military units will make you think like a chess master and focus on winning battles. It is worth mentioning that this game has 4 modes: Great War, Legion Battle, Dimension Battle, and Town Mode, and gamers can choose any of them and try their exciting battles. Iron Throne has earned a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 on Google Play, and you can download this game for free from the high-speed links on Usroid at the end of this article and enjoy it!

Attention: This is an online game – it cannot be hacked and does not have mods. The name of the game has been changed and it is now called Rise of Firstborn.