iShredder 4 Professional v6.1.3 – Application for permanent and irreversible deletion of files in Android,
purchased version for $ 3.49

iShredder 4 Professional is a unique application for permanently deleting files from the memory of Android devices, provided by ProtectStar Inc. One of the concerns of users when selling their old smartphones is always the files in it, so that these files can be restored in case of normal deletion and can be easily recovered; To solve this problem, many applications have been published so far that are able to permanently delete files without restoring, and among these, one of the top applications in this field is iShredder ™ 4 Professional.With its intelligent and advanced system, it is able to delete files with unique algorithms in such a way that traces of them are not left and can not be restored. Existing algorithms use intelligent military technologies so that it can be said that 100% of the files are deleted and inaccessible. In addition, it is better to know that this software supports all available memory such as otg cables, internal memory, SD cards and و and has the ability to delete all types of files and folders and all the steps of deletion in a simple The most possible mode is done! Just run the program, after selecting the desired file from the 5 available algorithms, select one and then easily and with just one touch delete the files permanently.

Some features and capabilities of iShredder 4 Professional Android application:

  • Ability to delete files accurately and free up storage space
  • Ability to securely delete all photos and contacts
  • Securely delete files and folders
  • 5 safe ways to delete files such as DoD 5220.22-ME, US Army AR380-19, HMG InfoSec No.5 and…
  • High security in deleting files
  • Modern and safe cleaning methods for flash memory (SSD)

IShredder 4 Professional application has been able to get a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 with a price of $ 3.49 and more than millions of downloads , which you can now download this unique application for free by accessing Usroid’s powerful servers .


iShredder 4 Professional Android