Island Tribe Free in US (Island Residents) is one of the most beautiful, popular and entertaining adventure and strategic games. It is a product of Realore game development studio. An hour ago, we saw the release of its Android version on Google Play, and we decided to introduce it! Game story It’s like: You’ll find yourself on a mysterious island in the middle of the ocean of the island’s forgotten inhabitants; All the people on this island lived well and happily until suddenly a very large volcano appeared! While the volcano is erupting, all the people are fleeing their homes to save their lives, and you, as the main character of the game and the leader, must prevent the volcano from erupting into new lands and entertaining itself for hours. Make it! Yes, stunning and colorful HD graphics; The sound of things and birds, the variety of tools to open the way, and the failure of many obstacles have all come together to experience the best game. Bring a strategy to your Android phone! If you can explore new lands as quickly as possible and avoid the eruption of the Great Volcano, don’t miss Island Tribe Free!

Some features of the strategic game Island Tribe Free Android:

* Having 30 amazing and exciting stages in 3 different seasons

* Having a very exciting gameplay with multiple strategies and time management

* Having a variety of tools such as hammers and. To open multiple paths

* Collect sticks, deadly materials, etc. to advance the game by the player

* Stunning HD graphics with fantastic scenes

Game Island Tribe Free few hours in the Play Store has been published and we Usroid  the first website of US version has been thoroughly tested it for free at your disposal and we hope the Psndtan occur and hours you Entertain; The upcoming version is the latest version of the game, after which no new version has been released.

Modifications to version V1.0.2:

* There are no changes to Google Play for this version.


Island Tribe



Instructions for installing and running the game:

– First, download and install the apk file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy com.realore.IslandTribe folder to Android / obb path.

– Run the game.